Best Barbie Cars for Kids 3 Years Old and Up

As little girls, part of being a kid is having a vivid imagination of the adult life. That includes pretending to having the posh and glamorous lifestyle. Fantasies of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories and yes, cars. Let your kids be kids while indulging their imagination and creativity with the best barbie cars for kids 3 years old and above. 

We listed down different barbie cars that will best suit your kids’ personality.

The posh and classy Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe RC 

Even most adults like the classy Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe. So why not give your child its mini toy version? It’s almost a mini replica of the real big one down to the details. It’s expensive looking yet very affordable and packed with all the basics and features of a ride-on car. Let your child enjoy its push-button start, EVA wheels, spring suspensions and 3 speed modes. It even has its FM radio, MP3 medial and a USB interface and volume control! 

Your child can drive it safely using the steering wheel manually or by an adult through its remote control. The Bright LED lights in front and rear are also very visible in the dark. It has 4 spring suspensions for the wheels to prevent any bumps and overturns while its running. Of course, like any cars, it has a seatbelt and a sounding horn. It comes in pink and black. Get this if you like a good classic car. 

Adventurous Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

There’s just something exciting and adventurous with a Wrangler Jeep. If your child has an adventurous streak then this Disney decorated jeep is the perfect choice. This 2-seater ride-on jeep can take the little humps and bumps of the grassy lawns and pavements with its big 4 tires. It has a pretend radio with real Disney character phrases and even driving sounds! Unlike other types of ride-on cars, this mini wrangler jeep has a spacious back storage to carry some more toys. The weight capacity is also up to 130 pounds. A mini wrangler jeep does look perfect for a cruise in the park or your front yard.

A fancier Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Electric Ride On Car

Another Benz on the list and this one has its own unique features to offer. Licensed by Mercedes Benz AMG (with insignia) it also has the basic features of the brand’s replica. From suspensions, LED rear and front lights, MP3 player, driving sounds, manual and remote control driving. Add to these features is the different fast and slow speed modes, 1 hour running time and an optional plastic or rubber seats. Plus it comes in red, black, white, green and pink. Your kid gets to choose his or her favorite car color. Your kid can be cruising along in your home or neighborhood looking posh. 

Big and fun Mercedes Benz G55 AMG

Benz is definitely making it big in our list. This third Mercedes-Benz electric toy car however does not have the classic look. It however looks big and fun for its jeep type. The stunning replica makes it look like the real one and more so with realistic its chrome effects and insignia. Unlike the other models in the list, the steering wheel of this ride-on car is at the center with the easy accessible gear shift handle for easy reverse. It also comes in 3 speed modes and parental control. The rear tires also has suspensions to endure small bumps and humps on pavements. The daylight LED, horn and driving sounds makes riding it more fun and really sets the mood for adventure. Does your kid fancy bigger cars? Then get this one. 

Fast and high-end Ride On Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Car Toy

Don’t let the expensive look fool you. This licensed ride-on Lamborghini Aventador is reasonably priced. Most people love their first luxury car to be fast and upscale and we all know Lamborghini is just that. Get your child this perfect replica. The Lambo or Scissor doors feature alone makes the riding experience already unique. Although the real one is a sports car, this mini however can only run up to 3.7 mph max speed. It’s safer to use for your kids on their adventures. It has 2 speed modes, LED lights, brakes and suspensions. If your child is into fast cars, then this Lambo ride-on car gives the poshest style.

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Let your child cruise the sidewalks of your neighborhood in style. Not only do they improve their motor skills, they also get to become explorers. Electric ride-on cars is your child’s ticket to ride to raise their imagination and curiosity. Bikes, scooters and skateboards are fun as well, but if you’re looking for a safer and more parent controlled toy that can get your 3-year child outdoors, then choosing one of these toys is definitely an answer.