Pokémon or Pocket Monsters is a worldwide phenomenal franchise known for its cute and adorable magical characters in a whole new fictional universe and are loved by kids and adults alike. Do you know someone who is a Pokémon enthusiast? Want to give them their very own Pokémon? It’s the perfect and cuddly gift idea!

These plush toys are authentic and made by the Pokémon company and one of the favorite merchandise around. You can choose your favorite plushie character and its size. There are hundreds of Pokemon plush toys but we only listed down 18 of the most popular and all-time favorite plushies in the market. 

In no particular order:

  1.  Pokemon Plush, Large 12″ Inch Plush Snorlax – This sleeping Pokemon character is known for its huge, lazy and bear-like form. It’s considered a rare type and only wakes up using a Poke float. 
  2. Pokemon Plush, Large 12″ Inch Plush Pikachu – Who doesn’t know Pikachu? The most popular Pokemon character ever and known for its yellow color and lightning shaped tail. This plushy is definitely an instant hit. 
  3. Pokémon Plush Starter 3 Pack – Charmander, Squirtle & Bulbasaur 8″ Generation One Stuffed Animals – A Pokemon trainer always has a starter pack. What could be a better way to start your Pokemon plush toy collection but to have these extremely cute and cuddly popular trio. 
  4. PoKéMoN Jigglypuff Plush Stuffed Animal 8″ –   Its round, big eyes and sweet singing voice Pokemon will capture anyone’s heart. The pink color and teal-colored eyes make it even cuddlier! 
  5. Pokémon Gengar Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Large 12″ – Don’t be fooled by its purple color and fierce appearance. This pocket monster is still adorable! The soft spikes and wide grin only makes this dual-type Pokemon cuter and a must-have in your collection. 
  6. Pokémon Squirtle Plush Stuffed Animal Toy 8″ –  Another all-time favorite character, gentle turtle-looking Pokemon can easily make any child feel warm and cozy. No Pokemon lover will ever refuse this plushie!
  7. Pokemon Plush, 8″ Inch Plush Litten – One look at this plushy and you know why you have to have it. This fire-type Pokemon is one of the starter characters you have to choose in the game. This could also be your starter plushie to have for your collection. 
  8. PoKéMoN Slowpoke Plush Stuffed Animal Large 12″ – This pink plushy is a stylized hippo Pokemon! It may not look like your typical water-type character but it sure is a charm and has the perfect size to cuddle like a pillow. 
  9. Pokémon Charizard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Large 12″ – Clearly a fire-type Pokemon and another all-time favorite of the evolved form. This fire-breathing character is a must-have in your collection. 
  10. PoKéMoN Lapras Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Large 12″ – An ice and water type Pokemon but as cute and as adorable with its flippers and spiky shell. 
  11. PoKéMoN Detective Pikachu Movie Mr. Mime Plush – Posable Arms and Legs  Large 13″ –  One of the most unique plush toys in the list, it’s the only posable Pokemon in this collection and a special edition. 
  12. Pokémon Wobbuffet Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Large 12″ – One look at this plushie and you’ll know why this is very popular in the market. It’s just gives you that good vibes and like it or not, it does make you smile. 
  13. Pokémon Meowth Plush Stuffed Animal Toy  8″ – You know why it’s on the list and why it’s popular. Meowth is one of the most fun and iconic characters in the franchise. You can’t complete your collection definite not  without this one. 
  14. Pokémon Large Plush, Dratini – This baby dragon pocket monster is just one of the cutest ever! It’s way better than your hotdog pillow. 
  15. Sanei Pokemon All Star Collection PP39 Dragonite 8.5″ Stuffed Plush – Dragonite is one of the rare Pokemon in the games and franchise. That’s enough reason for any Pokemon lover to get this. But if we have to add, it’s just too cute to pass. 
  16. Pokemon Center Original Mew (7-Inch) Stuffed Poke Plush Doll – This is another cute and iconic Pokemon that evolves into one of the coolest characters in the series and franchise ever!
  17. Sanei Pokemon All Star Collection – PP79 – Raichu Plush7 – Raichu is an evolved form of Pikachu. Need we say more about why you have to have this in your collection? The dark orange fur with a white belly is complements perfectly.
  18. Pokemon Plush Sitting Cuties Beedrill – This cool-looking plushie is unique and something that’s perfect for display or to play around for kids. It’s the only bee that doesn’t sting. 

Is there a plush for every Pokemon?

In the Pokemon universe, there are more than 800 kinds of pocket monsters. When it comes to the plushy merch however, there’s merely 150 that’s been released by the company. But 150 plush toys are still a lot to collect. They come in different sizes as well  and range from under 6 inches up to 15 inches over. There are also limited and special editions of these plush toys especially of Pikachu. If you’re thinking of collecting these plushies, it is actually very much doable as these toys are affordable and reasonably priced.  

Does build a bear have Pokemon?

Built-A-Bear is a popular American retailer and known for their unique plushy collections. If you’re asking if there’s a collection for Pokemon then the answer is YES. They have a great collection of the iconic Pocket Monsters in one-of-a kind and exclusive designs that are priced for less than $100!

The collection has been around since 2015. If you want to have a reason why you should buy or start collecting them is that Build-A-Bear had a brilliant idea of dressing up these iconic Pokemon as another Pokemon. Imagine a Pikachu plushie wearing a Charmander onesies. How cute is that? 

How do I order from Pokemon Center in Japan?

Pokemon Center is a popular online store dedicated for numerous Pokemon merchandise. They got plush toys, trading cards, figurines, pins clothes, home and office supplies, video games and other collectibles and special editions. It’s the best place to buy authentic and quality Pokemon products. So how do you order? Here are the simple steps to get that merch you’re eyeing for.

Steps to order:

  1.  Go to https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com
  2. On the search box, you can type in the merchandise you are looking for. If you want to browse the store, their items are categorized and segmented for easy shopping. 
  3. If you found what you’re buying, simply click on the ADD TO CART button. You will see a notification of the added item on the upper top right of the browser.
  4. Make sure to create your account and fill it with required and correct information. 
  5. To checkout, simply click the cart icon and click on the CHECKOUT button. 
  6. You will be prompted of the payment method. You can punch out through a Remambo Japan account, credit card and Paypal. 
  7. Select your shipping method. The total of your payment will depend on the shipping cost. Pokemon Center ships their items internationally. 
  8. Enter your payment information and checkout the item completely.
  9. You will receive an email to confirm your order with its tracking number. 
  10. Wait for your parcel to arrive!

How many Pokemon are there?

As aforementioned in the article, there are more than 800 Pocket Monsters. In exact numbers, there are 807 Pokemon as to writing this article. By 2019, there are 480 types of Pokemon characters in Pokemon Go game.  It increased more than twice its number since 2018 from only 150 species. These fictional characters were created through different generations. So far, there are already 8 generations of Pokemon and as of writing, reached up to 890 species; 151 of which were created in the 1st generation. 

Who is the coolest Pokemon?

With hundreds of Pokemon created, it is almost impossible to choose which ones are the strongest and coolest Pokemon. Setting aside the iconic ones, we also listed the coolest pocket monster ever created and why we think they’re cool. 

  1. Giratina – A fourth generation Pokemon from Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise. A ghost and dragon legendary type and considered the god of the alternative universe and has no evolve form and line. It’s a rare type and characterized by its 6 legs, gold external ribs and horns.
  2. Mega Charizard X – From the Pokémon X & Y in Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise. It is the second mega form of Charizard – a fire and dragon type Pokemon. This blue and black dragon has a blue flaming mouth and tail. The bluer the flames the hotter they are. 
  3. Mega Rayquaza – Another Dragon type and legendary Pokemon created in the 3rd generation for Pokemon Emerald.  Like many legendary type, it has no evolution form. Its serpentine green body that also looks like a missile and yellow eyes makes this creature somewhere between an animal and a machine. 
  4. Yveltal – A legendary Pokemon from Generation VI that has a dragon physiology. What makes this species unique is its  Y-shaped body when flying with wings and tails that looks like talons. Not only is it cool-looking, it is also one of the strongest Pokemon. It absorbs the life force of any living creatures when it spreads its wings.  
  5. Deoxys – Legendary Pokemons fill most of this list probably because their image really leaves a mark. This alien-like species is from the 3rd generation has no evolution line. Its arms takes forms but usually in pairs of coiled tentacles or humanoid hands. 
  6. Mewtwo – One of the most iconic characters from Generation 1, Mewtwo is definitely a cool Pokemon. Not only in appearance but in traits as well. This cold and arrogant feline-like humanoid is known to be one of the strongest as well in its generation. 
  7. Dialga – Introduced in Pokemon Diamond and a Generation IV legendary species. It looks very majestic and powerful with its blue, gray and metallic parts with a diamond center and wing-like rear. 
  8. Absol – Another feline-like Pokemon of the dark type.  What makes it look so unique is its snow white fur in contrast of its scythe-shaped tail and a sickle-shaped on where should be the right ear. How can something be so adorable and sinister at the same time? 
  9. Gliscor – Imagine a half-bat and half-scorpion creature. This flying Pokemon is like the chimera of the Pokemon world with its stinger tail and scorpion hands. 
  10.  Scizor – Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon introduced many cool looking characters and one of which is Scizor – a human-sized mantis that’s an insect and metal type. It  evolves into the red coated steel body from its baby form Scyther. 

What is the rarest Pokemon?

In every generation of Pokemon, there are quite a number of rare species. Catching them is a real quest and the limited number adds to its rarity. A pocket monster is considered rare throughout its evolution line and the chances you will encounter them and get them evolved. 

The Shiny Vespiquen is one the rarest Pokemon trainer in the games. How rare is it? You have a slim chance of meeting this species in 1/1024 and a chance of having it from evolution is 12%. That’s a lot of game time and a lot of dedication to catch this!

What is the most liked Pokemon?

What is the most popular, most iconic and a favorite Pokemon of all time? Of course, it’s the official mascot of the Pokemon franchise –  Pikachu!

Whenever you think or mention Pokemon, it’s hard not to think without Pikachu in it. This adorable and cuddly fictional character has charmed gamers and audience world wide for decades! The fact that many of the franchise games and ads focus on Pikachu. Even numerous Pokemon company merchandise and special editions are mostly of this favorite character. 

Did we answer all your Pokemon questions? I hope that you learn from this article and start your Pokemon plush toy collection if you have not started it yet.