Every child probably have gone through a phase of babying a doll. Kids acting like parents – they feed it, tuck it to bed, sing it a lullaby to get to sleep and talk to it like a real baby. Why do children play with baby dolls? Does it actually help them grow? The answer is YES. Not only meant for little girls but boys as well, dolls help their emotional development and awareness to their environment. Reborn dolls are famous for simulation purposes. Although not your ordinary kind of doll, they can also be used to help develop children’s emotional and mental development. If you’re looking for African American full body silicone baby dolls, here are the best 5 on Amazon right now. 


  • The Ashton – Drake Galleries (Sweet Butterfly Kisses)


This 19 inches (Yes, 19 inches!) African-American Reborn Doll is the first among the ‘So Truly Real’ vinyl doll collection. It’s interactive, lifesize and feels very realistic with its squishy material and texture. It’s battery operated and touch activated. This silicone doll comes dressed in a cute little onesies with butterflies and a headband on its rooted curly hair. This effect makes it even more look too real. Since it’s a lifesize of a newborn baby, your child can have fun changing it with diapers or dress it up with different children’s clothes of 0 to 3 months old. 


  • Paradise Galleries Baby Bundles: Reaching for the Stars


Here’s another realistic baby doll that comes in all effects and stuff to truly play the part. Paradise Galleries is a well-known brand for Reborn dolls and they come in different sizes, clothes and bundles. This favorite comes in Reaching for the Stars clothing, baby beanie, soft blanket with a bow, a plastic diaper, gift tag and even a hospital bracelet and birth certificate!

The bundle is perfect for your kids to practice their grooming and hygiene on the doll. Changing and removing the doll’s clothes as well as the diaper. 


  • NPKDOLL Realistic African American Girl Black Doll


Another life size doll of 22 inches long and weighs like an average newborn baby.  Made of vinyl silicone and hand painted eyes and one of the African American baby dolls with natural hair. It’s durable and soft that you can actually give it a bath! The rooted mohair and its silicone body can be washed. Your child can play with it even during bath time. Its package includes a diaper, magnetic nipples, clothes, baby bottles, protective bag and a birth certificate. 


  • Pinky Lovely Reborn Soft Doll 18” 45 cm


Taking care of your realistic baby doll is made easy with the bundles it comes with. This baby doll has movable arms, legs and head which you make it sit like a real baby. Brush its rooted hair or cover it with a beanie. This 18 inches silicone is Native American Indian simulation baby. It can be used not just for playing but learning as well. The movable parts are good tools for teaching the body parts as well as improve their vocabulary through simple words like verbs and feelings. 

What do kids learn from playing baby dolls?

While taking care of your realistic baby dolls, children develop and learn as they play. Not only does it sharpens their imagination but learning words, body parts, labels and important skills such as feeding, hygiene, grooming, potty training and more are just some of the things a doll can impart. 

How do you clean silicone baby dolls?

Unlike other dolls, silicone baby dolls are very durable and can actually be maintained easier and lasts longer than other types of toys. However, it should be treated and taken care of like an actual baby. Since your child plays it and can bring it anywhere, keeping it clean is imperative so harmful bacteria and disease-causing elements are not found. 

Here are the steps on how to maintain the silicone baby dolls’ cleanliness:

  1.  Silicone and vinyl baby dolls mostly comes with rooted hair. Wash it with mild baby shampoo to maintain its cleanliness. Make sure to use WARM water since mohair felts or gets matted when soaked with cold water. 
  2.  Avoid placing it under direct sunlight or extreme heat/ extreme cold.
  3. When cleaning the body parts of the reborn doll, use a soft cloth and distilled water. Do not use soap, bleach or other cleaning chemicals. 
  4. Avoid sharp and pigmented objects such as pens, paints, dyes and inks. 
  5. Keep out of the reach of pets. Silicone is the perfect material for dogs to nibble on. 
  6. Supervise when used by small children. Simulation reborn dolls are not appropriate to be played by kids younger than 6 years old. Therefore, if your kid is younger than this recommended age, it is best to supervise them closely or have them play a different kinds of toys.