Have you encountered someone who carries a lifelike baby doll around? Perhaps you’ve seen someone in the park with a baby stroller with other baby stuff only to find out that the baby in the stroller is actually a doll? These are called reborn baby dolls. They are hyper-realistic dolls that were artfully designed and made to look as human-like as possible. Like a regular doll, they are used to play, collected and often times used for simulation. 

Reborn dolls are becoming a trend having it all started in mid-1990s and started to surface on online stores around the early 2000s. This triggered doll enthusiasts to collect these life-like dolls extensively and reborners (what you call creators of reborn dolls) became in-demand. Supplies, tools, and accessories for reborn dolls is also becoming popular in the market.

What is the Best lifelike Baby Doll?

Depending on your preference, there are a lot of great lifelike dolls in the market today. However, there are just some brands that are known for their quality and design. If you’re looking for the best full silicone dolls, the special edition of JC Toys La Newborn is a reputable brand and item. Do you prefer vinyl and cloth materials or want to collect pieces? Paradise Galleries and Aori Reborn Dolls are known for their extensive collection lines. 

Here are the top reborn dolls in the market today (in no particular order)

1.Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll Baby Doll, Tall Dreams Gift Set Ensemble

This 19-inch reborn doll is a 10-piece ensemble and one of the collectibles of the Tall Dreams Collection. Its thick mohair is fun to style with. Do note that this is recommended for kids 3 years old and up. 


2.Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls in Yellow Duck Toy and Clothes

One of the cutest and best-selling among the Aori collection, this reborn doll comes in a duck-themed ensemble. This 22-inch doll is soft and cuddly and comes with a duck plushie.


3.JC Toys La Newborn All-Vinyl-Anatomically Correct Real Girl

The only all-vinyl in our list, this 15 inches reborn doll is realistically designed and sculpted. It is anatomically correct which means it’s designed with its gender. A special edition and comes in an all-pink ensemble and made in Spain. The recommended age is 2 years old and up. As mentioned, it’s anatomically correct baby girl doll. Some find this feature very controversial, so it’s up to you parents and adults to decide if you think it’s appropriate for kids to play.


4.Handmade Reborn Baby Doll Girl

This 22-inch baby girl is a mix of silicone and vinyl parts and weighs about 3.5 lbs. As mentioned, it’s handmade with a carefully designed rooted mohair that can be styled with its all-pink ensemble. It has a magnetic nipple and pacifier, movable arms and limbs which you can pose to make it sit or lay down.


5.ENA Reborn Baby Doll Realistic Silicone Vinyl ‘Mouse Doll’

This doll is 15 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs which is the perfect length and weight to play with toddlers. It’s cute and has a mouse-themed ensemble. What’s great about this is the box has doll care instructions so you know how to maintain and make it lasts longer. 


6.Paradise Galleries Newborn Reborn Baby Doll Wishes and Dreams

Another Paradise Galleries, this 21-inch baby girl doll was designed by renowned reborner Jannie De Lange. It’s part of her Paradise Galleries collection and definitely unique from others.  


7.OCSDOLL Reborn Baby Doll

This pink ensemble 22-inch reborn doll is probably the most hyper-realistic in the list. It’s a mix of silicone, cloth and vinyl but what makes it different and life-like is its reddish skin and well-sculpted toes and fingers. The acrylic closed eyes just added the realistic look even more!


8.NPKDOLLS African American Baby Doll Girl

This is the basic baby girl reborn child is perfect if it’s your first time purchasing one. It has handmade rooted mohair and eyelashes that can be washed. The package does not come with much stuff which makes it even more fun to play dress-up with. It fits 0-3 month infant clothes.


9.NPK Reborn Baby Dolls African American Boy

This boy version of the biracial reborn doll looks so cute and real with its sleeping facial features. This baby version is completely and 100% hand drawn! With movable limbs and easy to dress size, it is a popular doll choice for simulation for pregnant women and parents to be. 

10.The Ashton – Drake Galleries Sweet Butterfly Kisses

Perhaps the most popular reborn doll on this list. This collectible Sweet Butterfly Kisses doll is a special edition and features rooted mohair, durable materials, and interactive features. This doll is touch-activated which means when touched, it coos and makes baby noises. How fun and cute is that? This is very popular among reborn doll enthusiasts.


What is the Point of a Reborn Baby?

Reborn dolls like any other dolls are meant for playing. Role playing as mothers for many kids. However, like any other dolls, they’re not just for kids. Aside from playing, more often, they are used for simulation and therapy by adults. They are bought and taken by women, families or couples that are practicing to become mothers or parents. They are used in medical schools for simulation classes. For other reasons, they are sometimes used to grieve the loss of a child as therapy. Reborn dolls are bought and used for many different reasons. It can be for emotional therapy or simply a hobby for doll enthusiasts.

A reborn baby for some people are extensively collected. They are very realistic and comes in bundles and series meant as collection items. For instance, the Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams series that comes in different gift sets and bundles. It features touch activation and warm embrace that makes it even more realistic than most dolls. Another fun to collect is the Aori Reborn Girl Doll with Yellow Clothes and Duck Toy.

It’s just one of the many of this series of reborn dolls that comes in different cute animal clothing and stuff such as fox, panda, rhino, flamingo, dinosaur and more! The 15-inch JC Toys La Newborn is another collectible. It’s a special edition and anatomically correct newborn doll.

How to take Care of a Reborn Doll?

A reborn doll is advised to be taken care of like a real baby. They are mostly made from silicone or vinyl or a mix of both materials which are durable but also need extra taking care of. So it is important to handle them properly and with know-how. Here are some care tips for your reborn doll. 

  1. Reborn dolls come with supplies, sets, and bundles. Make sure to use them accordingly as they also provide protection to the doll. 
  2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme cold/ heat. 
  3. Prevent your dolls from getting stained. Avoid inks, paints and other pigmented materials around it. Also, avoid fabrics that bleed. It is best to test them out before dressing up your doll.
  4. Keep away from the reach of children or pets. If your reborn doll is used for simulation, it is best to keep children and pets away. Silicone are very much prone dogs to chew on. Also, dolls are for kids to play. 
  5. Keep magnetic parts away from electronics, metal implants, hearing aids, computers and mobile devices. Some reborn dolls like the Handmade Reborn Baby Doll Girl has magnetic nipples. The ENA Reborn Baby Doll Realistic Silicone Vinyl Baby and Paradise Galleries Newborn Reborn Wishes and Dreams have magnetic pacifiers. Others have magnets around the tummy and head area. Magnetic parts can damage these devices. So keep them away when handling a reborn doll. 
  6. Don’t scrub. It will damage the skin of the doll and will remove the paint. If you have to clean it, just use water and lint cloth. No soaps, bleach, and other cleaning chemicals. 
  7. Use a soft bristle brush when brushing the hair. This is only for dolls with wig hairs. Brushing removes dirt and dust from the hair. Careful though, do not brush a mohair. You might damage the rooted hair when you brush harshly. Like the OCSDOLL Reborn Baby Doll that has implanted mohair eyelashes and newborn hair.
  8. Use warm water when bathing mohair. Coldwater will tangle the rooted hair and may lead to fall off.

How Much does a Reborn Doll cost?

Reborn dolls are not regular dolls. They are made from many durable materials such as vinyl and silicone and comes in real baby bundles and sets. They can cost a lot with some even reaching up to a thousand dollars. The prices usually depend on the material, length, and weight of the doll. Silicone dolls are much more expensive than vinyl ones. That’s because they are more intricate to create and more life-like. They are also mostly designed anatomically correct. Silicone dolls can go as high up to thousands of dollars. Prices also depend on their weight, height, and materials. On average, reborn dolls come in 9 to 22 inches long and weighs 2.2 kilograms. There are of course affordable and reasonably priced reborn dolls that cost less than $100. But what makes it pricey however are the supplies and things you need for simulation and taking care of it. Baby supplies are not cheap as well. If money is no object to you, then the silicone baby is a great option. Also, it’s a better choice if you prefer to give your doll a bath since silicone is waterproof. 

What is the Difference Between Reborn Dolls and Standard Silicone Dolls?

Silicone babies are also type of reborn baby dolls but only made entirely of silicone material. They are more life-like and realistic even to touch. They are soft and ‘squishy’ and mostly made anatomically correct. Silicone babies are also pricier than other reborn dolls. On the other hand, reborn dolls are more affordable and made of mixed weighted cloth, vinyl and silicone. Most of these reborn dolls are made with vinyl head, magnetic parts, cloth body and silicone arms and legs. It is said that reborn dolls are much cuddlier than silicone ones since they are much softer. Example of this is the 22 inches Reborn Baby Dolls African American Girl that is a mix of vinyl and silicone or its Reborn Baby Dolls African American Boys version that is realistically look like it’s actually sleeping. These dolls are 100% designed and hand painted.


What is the Difference Between Silicone and Vinyl baby dolls?

As mentioned reborn dolls are made of different materials and are handmade. Full silicone dolls as aforementioned are squishy, more life-like and anatomically correct. On the other hand, vinyl is the affordable version. Reborn dolls made of vinyl or mixed with vinyl parts are soft and posable as compared to silicone ones. Vinyl is the most common type of dolls in the market and costs a lot cheaper than its counterparts. Silicone dolls are much more detailed but are more prone to wear and tear. Vinyl ones mostly have magnetic parts and much more durable. 


Do Reborn Dolls Cry?

Yes. There are reborn dolls that are touch activated and were designed to emulate baby noises such as crying and cooing. This means they cry or coo when touched on the specific trigger part. For instance, The Ashton – Drake Galleries Sweet Butterfly Kisses coos when touched or when its pacifier is placed. There are reborn dolls that cry when their pacifiers were removed and coos when fed. They act like real babies and some cry at a certain time. This is what makes reborn dolls great for simulations.  

Reborn dolls are not only best for role-playing for kids but also used for therapy, training, simulation or just something worth collecting for adults. Whatever your purpose for getting one, the main goal here is to treat and care for it like a real baby. If you’re planning to buy one for yourself, check out our top 10 best lifelike reborn doll list and the cleaning guidelines.