Yoshi is one of the most beloved characters of the Super Mario Brothers franchise. Yoshi has been Mario and Luigi’s right-hand guy since Super Mario World released in November of 1990. He’s even gone on to bigger and better things as the lead in his own game and a fan favorite in Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers.

Fans all around the world LOVE Yoshi as a species. The fun-loving dinosaurs with the big appetites have earned their way into the hearts of gamers and anime watchers alike.

Large Yoshi Plush

Yoshi Plush Colors

Just like in the Super Mario bros. universe Yoshi comes in a variety of colors in real life. But why the different colors? Was this something the Yoshi creators did just to be visually appealing? Absolutely not! Each Yoshi color variation has a distinct skill set or ability after eat a koopa troopa shell. Here is the breakdown…

  • Red Yoshi will spit fireballs when spitting out a Koopa troopa shell
  • Blue Yoshi will grow wings and fly when holding a Koopa troopa shell in its mouth
  • Yellow Yoshi will pound the ground and create sand clouds while holding a Koopa troopa shell in its mouth
  • Classic Green Yoshi can do everything the other Yoshi colors can do but the skill depends on the color of Koopa troopa shell that has been eaten.

Giant Yoshi Plush


Fat Yoshi Plush